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Project Nine

Currently I am working together with a fellow student Martin Hinsen on a first person horror game called “Nine” as a free time project. At the moment it’s in a pretty early state but a working alpha version with most of the planned gameplay and the first few levels is existant as well as a small teaser trailer, which you can see here:

As development proceeds, new information will be provided here, so stay tuned

Game ready Mech

For the course modeling and animation during my studies, I modeled this low-poly mecha based on a concept drawing. I modeled and rigged it using Cinema 4D. Afterwards I animated a small sequence you can see below.

This model has around 14k polygons and is intended to be used in game engines. To provide a good texture density, the mesh is seperated into three objects which all use seperate textures. The textures are created using Quixel Suite. The final textures are visible on the screenshot above.