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Movie dubbing Social Madness

During my studies I was working on a student movie called ‘Social Madness’ for postprocessing course.

Actually I only had to master the audio and compose some music, but because of technical difficulties while shooting I wasn’t able to use the original sound which my fellow students have created beforehand, so I had to resync everything from scratch. So I made sounds and noices, invited the artists again to lipsync their voice and composed the background music all myself, which was an incredible amount of work which had to be done within 4 weeks.

In the end and after a big crunchtime I was able to complete the audio in full 5.1 surround sound mastering, which was pretty awesome when we watched the movie in a real movie theater in Heidelberg.

You can watch the movie yourself here:
Project page: (german)

Modern Musical

Currently I’m writing songs for an Opera/Musical called “With the power of music”. There are two parts in the musical, a classical orchestra and a modern rock band. I’m writing the songs for the rock band, which doesn’t mean that they only have to play metal. Depending on the situation the songs are soft, fast or modern going through different genres like blues, rock, pop-rock or funk.

I’m still at the beginning of the work but here you can have a peek into my work: Download

Its a classical blues song and shall present the frustration of the band in the beginning of the musical. It not finished yet, but I think you can get a good idea of how it should sound in the end.