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Zeitensprung Musical BluRay Production

A friend of my Father, Wolfgang Röhricht, asked me to film and produce the BluRay/DVD for a rock-classic crossover musical he created named Zeitensprung. He wanted to get the first performance of the musical filmed for BluRay and DVD to sell. It was performend at Max-Born-Gymnasium in Neckargemünd.

For the performance I used a multi-camera setup to film the orchestra and the stage performance. I used two Canon 5D Mark III, one as stage total, one as long shot including the audience. For the orchestra I used a GoPro, since the shot was so wide and the space was limited around the orchestra. For close up shots I used a DJI Osmo, since the stage was not very high and I had to be as invisible as possible during filming to not disturb the audience.

Lighting was very difficult and I had to setup everything only using a very small space since most of the room was used for audience and stage, but I think I managed to get most out of the show.

Unfortunately I can’t upload the video here, but I created some screenshots so you can get an Idea of the movie.

Wedding video making of

Movie for Wedding Reception

It’s a bit hard to explain what this project was about, but long story short a friend of mine was about to marry and asked me to produce a video for their wedding reception. They wanted to do some kind of fake late night show interview where they had to answer some questions about their relationship and then do a litte test where they had to answer questions about each other. It was quite entertaining in my opinion.

Everything was filmed using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III in 12 bit raw using Magic Lantern in 1080p. We used a bunch of studio lamps to setup some lighting but all in all, due to time pressure (everything was planned and filmed within one day), it was a simple setup in their living room. Audio was recorded using Rhode NTG2 and a Zoom H4N as recording device. Editing was done using Adobe Premiere and Adobe AfterEffects.

You can watch the video down below (reduced to 720p). Obviously it’s not very interesting content if you don’t know the people but hopefully you still like it, we had fun producing it.

Gamescom Aftermovie for SaveGame Studios

During my internship at SaveGame Studios I have produced this short aftermovie from the Gamescom 2013. It’s filmed with an EOS 5D Mark III. For the post production I was using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Steinberg Cubase. The title logo was animated using After Effects.